Top Exciting 12 Ways to Get Paid to Travel The World

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What if I say that you could get paid to travel the world, will you be excited? In This article, you can learn more about this exciting concept.

12 Ways to Get Paid to Travel The World in 2021

Yes, you can get paid to travel the world by following a few simple but exciting menus. In today’s world, everything seems to be highly expensive. In conventional times, we have seen that tourism has become a luxurious task with rising airfare, costly foods, and hotels with exorbitant cost prices. The good news is that you can now travel without spending a fortune but can earn while exploring.

People love to travel for various reasons for knowing new people, exotic cultures, travelling through lush scenic landscapes, and also for business purposes. You can now satisfy your wanderlust desired adventure thirst and at the same time get paid. We have shortlisted top ranking and most promising 12 ways to make money from your favourite hobby. It is time to get paid to travel the world.

Teaching the English language

Teaching the English language - Top Exciting 12 Ways to get paid to travel the world

The best choice for having fun in a foreign country is to teach those citizens languages. Taking up a job as a tutor is the most lucrative and accessible way for earning while travelling.

 If you are good at teaching the English language, you can try Latin America, Middle East, and Asian countries. These countries do not have any restrictions for you to speak or understand their native languages.

Schools are searching for candidates with bachelor’s degrees who can speak good English. Most of the countries do not require TEFL, which is the certification for Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

You can teach them directly using diverse Concepts for the benefit of the foreign students. You can explore through the countries, teach languages and get paid to travel the world. 

Tourist guide

Our world is an enchantingly mesmerizing place with so many wonderful countries with historical and iconic destinations.  You can enjoy and explore these popular monuments and architectural buildings as a tourist guide. By simply enrolling yourself as a tourist guide for that dreamy destination that your heart has always been searching for can now mint your money.

 You will surely excel in the things you do with your whole heart. Becoming a tourist guide for your favourite travel destinations such as Paris or Eiffel Tower or Taj Mahal or the Bastille is a blissful experience.

You can create cherished unforgettable moments while waking through your desired adventurous spots. There are also opportunities for you to work as the lead travel guide for groups of people who are travelling to series of exotic tourist attractions.

Tourist guides job is a wonderful get paid to travel the world and explore fresh cultures. You can work as a freelance tourist guide but the payments might vary and there is no job assurance. Therefore, it is essential that you take a good tourism job from a well-known local organization, because it will offer a contract and a wonderful pay-check.

The planning and logistics will be done by them, while you enjoy exploring different countries across the globe. You will be travelling with a huge group of new travellers, which will allow you to experience new cultures and meet different types of foreign tourists. By this method, you can travel with hype and joy.

Trading local goods

If you can invest a teeny bit according to your preferences and ability, you can easily trade multiple products from different countries.

Every country has its exquisite products and goods that need only a little or zeroes investment. These can earn you big profits when selling it with people who love purchasing imported products from a genuine buyer.

You need to choose a particular sector that a country is famous for, for example, Mexico is popular for hammocks, Italy for excellent leather and Turkey for ceramics, etc.

Once you return home you can easily sell and earn a huge valuable margin of profit, to local shops, collectors, friends, and even through virtual platforms such as eBay.

 But one thing to consider while trading these products is to know ways to tackle customs law and regulations.

Organic farming and travelling 

Another wonderful opportunity to get paid to travel the world for those who love farming is the WWOOF, which is the Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms organization. This is not a business venture but you need to be a volunteer.

Once you choose to be a local WWOOF’ing traveller, you become eligible for working in foreign farmland for a certain period. Those farmers will provide you with decently designed accommodation, heart-felt services, and delicious home-cooked foods.

The time for your stay can be chosen by you according to your preferences.

Opportunities offered are plenty and promising as well. If you are a farm person who gets excited about cattle and crops, then this could be a lifetime chance for you to be rewarded for doing what you live the lost.

 There are plenty of farmers across the globe who are willing to pay for your airfare and transportation to the destination, which makes it an irresistible option.


Another exciting opportunity for you to earn an extra flow of cash is to become a transporter. You will be assigned a job to deliver certain pieces of stuff such as a car or an animal or freight, furniture, etc. If you possess some extra spaces in your vehicle to accommodate few products, then you can earn cash on tour to your dream destination places.

 Search for the best transporter job that takes you to all your desired adventurous destinations across the world and earns an extra flow of income. There we no set of rules or expectations from the transporter, therefore any person with a burning passion to travel can apply for this job.

Write, travel and earn 

If you are a writer and traveller then you can start a career with your preferred publications. You can be paid for travelling to your dream destinations and at the same time excel with fame and name as a writer. Prepare to be pampered and loathed with this fascinating job.

With today’s digital advancements made in every sector, writing has reached heights of glory. Therefore, you can start exploring and living a joyful life by writing with passion and dedication.

While travelling you need to relax and capture the extraordinary beauty of the destination. Sit and start writing about the places you visited and your genuine experience as a traveller. Writ according to your research and experiences. These wonderfully articulated articles will surely attract readers from every part of the world interested in travelling.

There are plenty of publications that are interested in hiring professional writers for their awesome work.

Never rush but take time to pick the perfect publications that will synch with your personality and writing style. They should never curb your enthusiasm but offer you the freedom to explore and write your adventures and experiences for other like-minded readers’ guidance.

Flight attendant 

Flight attendant  - Top Exciting 12 Ways to get paid to travel the world

Embark on your journey across the globe by simply becoming the flight attendants. If you are searching for an opportunity to travel and at the same time earn cash, then apply for this job immediately.  As a flight attendant, you will be receiving a  huge amount as salary and at the same time, you can travel to different countries across the universe without any restrictions. You can travel to different countries and explore those places while travelling and visiting attractive destinations.

Travel Vlogger 

One of the ultimate ways to get paid to travel the world is to become a successful travel blogger. Today’s world is fully fascinated by virtual platforms and social media influences. It is quite a hard-working process to build a successful career as a travel blogger. Sometimes you might need at least one year to expand your territory and mark your presence in the online world.

You need to post pictures and videos of your travel experiences at regular intervals.  Only then your Vlog will have many followers who will be interested in your contributions.

 Once you have to build a fabulously successful Vlog with plenty of followers, then you can start minting money from these social media platforms.

Initially, you might require to spend some money on travelling and other expenses.  But, once you have established a successfully flourishing travel Vlog, you can start minting a huge income.

 There are advertisement partners, and other fantastic ways to earn through your Vlog. You need to properly handle and manage the digital marketing, financials, maintenance, and growth of the Vlog while travelling and crafting your dream project.

Cruise Line job opportunities 

If you are fascinated by the smell of the salty, wavy sea and deep blue oceans, then start working in the cruise line. You can travel to exotic places around the world and earn a handsome amount as a salary.

Though the travelling time can be longer than air travel, those who love cruising can opt for this job. You will receive free accommodation, meals, and travel expenses for your diverse dream destination.

The crew of a cruise ship is a wonderful dream job as it will offer amazing benefits and allow you to travel to exotic countries in luxury and style.

You can enjoy travelling with exotic dining rooms, Internet cafes, pastry shops, gyms, organized excitement activities, partying galleries, and other exciting events. There are different types of jobs available on cruise ships and you should choose according to your preferences.

Creating promos for tourism hotel business

If you are good at creating videos and photography then one of the best ways to get paid to travel the world is to become a freelance tourist video creator. Tourism Businesses such as restaurants and hotels offer wonderful opportunities for those who can create attractive video content about their hotel services and other enchanting attractions of the locals.

You don’t need to possess expensive professional cameras for getting this job. All you have to truly possess is creativity and passion to capture the beauty of your dream destinations.

You need to first create a portfolio portraying your ability to create quality video content and share it with potential tourism business clients who will synch with your personality and style.

 For your valuable contributions, your clients might pay you in cash or sometimes offer to provide free tours, accommodation, and food. There are plenty of open doors of opportunities for those who want to explore the world and earn extra flow of cash simultaneously.

Public speaking job

If you are a public speaker with excellent skills to perform brilliantly, then it is a perfect way to relieve payments to explore. There are numerous conferences conducted across the globe covering different topics and workshops.

You need to be an experienced public speaking person who possesses wonderful knowledge in a specific topic such as tech, finance, motivation, religion, medicines, business, fitness, etc. Then you will be paid an excellent amount for you to attend their conference.

Therefore, you can now travel to different mesmerizing places to participate in the conference and at the same time get paid to travel the world. The organizing committee members will provide you with free accommodation, transportation facilities, and delicious meals.

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