Top 10 Simple Ways to Manage Your Money Better

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How to manage your money better?

Nowadays one of the most popular topics for discussions and endless disputes is money management.

Money management is the most suitable way for better financial understanding. It can be achieved when measurable financial goals are set, all effects of possible decisions understood and the results reviewed. One can be sure 10 simple ways will improve control over your financial lifestyle.

On the one hand, one can define money as one of the tools that solve just people’s living needs. Money is not able to buy happiness, purchase talent or good manners.

On the other hand, being good with money is more than just making ends meet. Money plays a huge role in society in a variety of ways such as business, job, education and even health. 

After you understand The Wealth Formula, it is time to consider the best financial practices you should be aware of. Here are Top 10 simple ways to manage your money better.

1. Learn Budget 

Learn Budget - Ways to Manage Your Money Better

Creating a budget has to be your first step in managing your money. When you are budgeting you can understand where your money is coming from and you are more careful about spending. You must remember that the goal of budgeting is to always spend much less than you earn. A budget helps to figure out your main goals and work towards them. Create a budget and make your dreams come true.

2. Get out of any debt ONLY IF YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW TO PLAY

One can say that debt means your money is not working for you. It extremely limits the choices that you can make if you cannot understand what you are doing. One can only advise getting out of debt. As you pay off your smaller debts, you will have more money available to pay off your larger debt. One can be sure these steps will help you to get out of debt much more quickly. Do not forget paying off all your debts within your budget and on time is the key to effectively improving your finances.

“IF YOU KNOW HOW TO PLAY THIS GAME YOU SHOULD BE 100% IN DEBT. YOU CAN LEVERAGE DEBT TO MAKE MORE MONEY! Debt Can Help You Generate Income And Build Your Net Worth.” According to Reza Abbaszadeh

3. Invest and save your money

Invest and save your money - Ways to Manage Your Money Better

You can always put your money to work through savings and investments. One can say what you save for will depend on your goals, age and lifestyle. If you do not need your savings for several years, one of the best ways to make your money better for you is to invest. It is obvious, investing is a long-term strategy for building wealth. Nowadays there are plenty of choices to start investing even with little money. Moreover, all you have to do is just start somewhere.

4. Create an emergency fund

Our life is unpredictable. Unexpected moving expenses, medical procedure, job loss or any other spending can quickly make big chaos. How to manage your money better in this unexpected situation? Create an emergency fund and make your money work for you. It means you have planned for surprises. Don’t forget to put in a “surprise spending category in your budget.

5. Get cash flow organized

One can say cash flow is for you to have control of exactly all your spending and everything that you receive. To be able to organize your cash flow you have to make a habit of taking notes. Absolutely everything that goes in and out and you can do it in the way you feel most comfortable: online spreadsheets, paper or maybe software. If you want to make your life easier, you have to try several ways to organize your cash flow, to find the one you really prefer. You have to remember that only prudent spending and careful budgeting can help you to keep more of your earned cash.

6. Set financial goals with a spending plan

Set financial goals with a spending plan - Ways to Manage Your Money Better

One can say that everyone wishes to have more money at some point. Make your personal spending plan because it is a key to living a happier, wealthier life. Reporting all spending is necessary to keep a detailed account of each category of spending, like education-related fees, groceries, entertainment, etc. Moreover, it is likely possible to make realistic and serious financial goals with the help of your own spending plan. Think about it.

7. Time is money

This phrase sounds very simple and ordinary but it means a lot. One can say these two words consist of the right way of better living. Those who are following it can really achieve a lot in their life, career, business, etc. We can earn money by using time but using money we never earn our time. So, time never waits for anyone and to live according to time is the key to success for everything, including money management. If you manage your time correctly you will be able to manage your money successfully.

8. Check your finances daily

On the one hand, it is considered to be a bad habit to check your finances daily. Some people are even scared to face the numbers. On the other hand, if you check your finances daily you will notice quite a few benefits. You can understand how much money you lost or made and make an analysis. You can strengthen your relationship with finances. You must remember that the best way to manage your money better is to check it daily.

9. Read books to manage your money better

There are books out there for every money goal, whether you want to build wealth for the long term, study money management strategies or just see money from a different point of view. Most people are not very educated on how to manage money. Books can be very helpful and useful. Create your own list for reading or use the following. Here are Top 3 books to read for money management success:

  • “Spend Well, Live Rich,” by Michelle Singletary
  • “The Simple Path to Wealth,” by JL Collins
  • “How I Invest My Money,” by Joshua Brown 

10. Everything needs practice

Obviously, being good with money takes practice. If you want to achieve success at something in your life, you will need to practice. The more you make these 10 ways part of your life, the easier it is to manage your money and the better off your finances will be. Sometimes practice does not make perfect but it definitely makes progress and that is the key to your success.

Parting words

Coming to this part, you already know how to manage your money better and you can choose the most suitable way for you. It is easier when you stay organized and disciplined in your money management. When you dive in and get comfortable with your finances, you will have a better idea of where improvements are needed and where growth is possible. Remember you are not alone and you can always reach us for more help. Wish you financial success. – Reza Abbaszadeh

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