Principles of Trading

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The Principles of Trading Course by Reza Abbaszadeh is aimed at turning you into an adept expert at both crypto and stock trading in a short period of time and providing you with all the viable techniques, monumental tactics and cheat sheets that make your trading process significantly easier and more profitable.

* This course is designed to help you become a skilled trader in both crypto and stock markets. However, If you want to professionally start your Crypto Trading profession to create a decent source of income, we suggest you check out the Cryptocurrency School.


By the end of the Principles of Trading Course course, you will thoroughly comprehend how. exactly the Stock and Crypto markets work and how they relate and why you should consider trading both of them besides investing.

What you'll learn

  • Trading both cryptocurrencies and stocks besides investing in real estate, cryptocurrencies and stocks
  • Differences between investing and trading
  • Creating a source of income for your financial freedom according to the wealth creation formula
  • How to trade cryptocurrency and stocks from beginner to expert
  • Understanding how the stock and crypto market works and how it impacts cryptocurrencies 
  • Comprehending the process that a company is involved in to become a Publicly Traded Company
  • Understanding the history of the stock and crypto markets and their evolution and profitability
  • A Complete Technical Analysis
  • Reliable secret sources for fundamental Analysis and our upgraded notions 
  • Reading on-chain analysis
  • Entry and exit points based on your perception of deep analysis to maximize profits and minimize losses
  • Filter out the rumours and focus on what our traders use and how they manoeuvre
  • How to send orders and different order types
  • Mastering different Exchanges: NYSE, NASDAQ & AMEX for stocks - BINANCE & BYBIT for Crypto
  • Managing risks
  • Managing your money on each position
  • Understanding the pros and cons of short selling so you can make money if the market goes downwards
  • Leveraging
  • HODLing
  • Comparing scalping, day trading, momentum trading, swing trading and position trading
  • Understanding the trading psychology and prevailing over the manipulations

Who this course is for

  • Consultants and traders
  • Beginners who want to grow and get ready for stepping out of mediocrity and finally thrive in the big league
  • Anyone who wants to become financially independent

Why this course is for you

  • Understanding critical options and concepts that you can use in your trading
  • Clearly understanding the differences between Stocks and Options
  • Clearly understanding the differences between Stocks and Crypto assets
  • Understanding specific strategies that you can improve your performance significantly
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Sidney Miller

Highly recommended

Highly recommend Principles of Trading for Beginners specially!


Best & Different I sould say

This is probably my favorite on the Investing area! I have read 22 books so far and this Course is something different.