How Will a Recession Affect The Housing Market in 2021?

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Will a Recession Affect The Housing Market In 2021?

The value of the house is similar to the stock market, we all know about the stock market as it comes with the risk and the price may fall from time to time. In the same way, the values of the housing market will also decrease. If the economy is affected by various factors, then we can see the recession affect the housing market, and in this article, you will get to know about everything how does a recession affect house prices and will a recession affect the housing market in 2021?  

What is the housing recession?

HOW WILL A RECESSION AFFECT THE HOUSING MARKET? - What is the housing recession?

Before getting to know more about “How Will a Recession Affect The Housing Market in 2021?”, you need to be clear about the basic things which are what a housing recession is? It is nothing but a rise in the housing demand followed by the limited supply of inventory materials. If the demand for housing keeps on increasing then there will be a rise in the price.

This kind of housing recession will cause a greater impact on the real estate industry. This will make the time tough so the people have to find a way to keep their mortgage payments, as some will take money from their savings, and the other will go for the bankrupt and others. Some say this kind of recession is a temporary thing, while others say it will occur frequently and the recession will last for several years. 

But before getting deeper into the topic (How Will a Recession Affect The Housing Market in 2021?) one needs to understand that recession is a part of the country’s real estate cycle. Also, when the housing market is affected by the recession, then the other market and sectors also get hit hard.

Causes of housing recession:

We all know that a housing recession will increase the demand and decrease the supply by increasing the price. But have you ever thought about the reason for the recession, then before knowing how much do housing prices drop in a recession, you need to get to know about the causes. There are so many causes hiding behind the recession, but here are some major causes. 

  • Affordability, if the price of the house has increased then the demand for the house will be decreased as no one can able to afford it. Even the value of the house will be decreased as the demand has reduced
  • Waning demand, if there is no economic activity to take place in the real estate industry or some other market. Even oversupply or lack of interest will also cause the housing recession
  • False demand is also one of the cases where people will easily get a mortgage loan. This kind of cause can increase the demand for housing and also in certain cases the mortgage rate will be lower for a longer time
  • Severe economic recession, this kind of cause will reduce the demand for housing. As there is an increase in unemployment and volatility in the market, most people will think to save money instead of investing in any house

You need to understand that not only the economic crash will cause the housing recession, but even other factors will lead to the recession.

House prices during 2008 recession:

Have you ever heard about the recession that happened in 2008, if you heard such an incident then you will know how much did house prices drop in the recession in 2008? In the mid-2000s, the U.S. has faced some housing crashes that have caused a direct impact, and also it has led to the greater recession. This has caused a greater impact that includes steadily increasing the value of the real estate, rising in the homeownership of the buyers, renters, and investors. 

But this has made certain good things as the financing industries started to lending money at low-interest rates, and even the requirements and down payment also got decreased. This has made the U.S. people buy homes and many have become homeowners during that period. But all these conditions have increased the price of the home.

But many investors didn’t prefer to buy a house, as the risk has got higher and higher each day. So, this has made the other buyers in the city get out of the market as they couldn’t able afford it. But the incident didn’t stop here; it took a turn where the situation got even worse. Most people couldn’t able to pay their monthly mortgages as the people fell into the unemployment category. As a result, it caused the price to drop, and the securities offered while taking the mortgages have sold in massive quantities. Even the mortgage default and the foreclosure have risen to unusual levels.   

This incident has not only worsened the economy but many people got affected by this. Even today when we talk about the recession affects the housing market; the first thing that will come to mind will be the 2008 recession. This is considered as the global economic turndown and it has caused a lot of damage to the real estate industries, banking, and finance industries. Even millions of people have lost their job, saving, life, and homes. The primary cause of the problem is to give false demand, where the companies have sold too many bad mortgage loans. So the question is how will a recession affect the Housing Market in 2021?

How recession will impact the housing market?


Most people are framing lots of questions when it comes to the recession affect the housing market that includes how much did house prices drop in the recession, and so on. But before getting unnecessary doubts, one needs to understand the current situation, and here are the factors that will let you know the current status of the housing market and their impacts. 

A recession happens frequently

How will a recession affect the housing market #1: We all remember the house prices during the 2008 recession, so the U.S. economy is trying hard not to experience the same situation. When compared to the past years, our economy has shown a great improvement and its growth is increasing from steady to moderate. Maybe in the future, there will a recession, but when compared to the previous recession this will be a gradual slowdown. For this to achieve, we need to maintain a balance between the fluctuations in the economy and the unnecessary anxiety. As we discussed earlier, a recession is a natural part and it can bring the business to a lower level so everyone must protect their business. 

Recession can worsen the situation

How will a recession affect the housing market #2: The recession can reduce the prices of the house, making it less affordable for the renters and buyers. But if there is an imbalance between the housing price and income then the recession will worsen the situation. But for the last few years, the American people are facing a competitive house market that increases the price and reduce the availability of houses. This is because the construction industry and building material industry have increased the price so most builders started to build luxury homes to stay profit and the availability of small to medium homes has become less. 

Demand for rental homes

How will a recession affect the housing market #3: A recession will increase the anxiety of everyone but when it comes to the home buyer there will be double the anxiety level. During the recession, most people don’t prefer to buy a home, as the income will be not sure, so the rental rates of the house will be increased. Most American people find difficult to buy a new home even if there is no recession because of the increase in home price, the shortage of the starter homes, tight rules and regulation to get qualify for a loan, and other such things.  

Rents will be high than income

How will a recession affect the housing market #4: During the recession period, the most important thing to consider is that the rental rate will become higher when compared to the income. But in major cities, there is a policy that the owners shouldn’t increase the rent, so the anxiety level of the owners will be doubled as they need to find a way for the profitability and finance.  

Returns for the real estate investors

How will a recession affect the housing market #5: For the past few years, real estate investors have started to concentrate on the fast-growing cities which are situated away from the coast as they are getting high capital and lower prices. Because here the population won’t be more when compared to the other cities, and also the job growth will be strong so they can able to overcome the recession. Most investors and business owners started to concentrate on the secondary market by moving away from the primary market. This is a kind of strong investment and the upcoming years will be good.   

Can we buy a house during the recession?

Now, everyone is clear that how a recession will affect the housing market, and most people will be thinking that buying a house during the recession will increase the financial hardship. But you know what; there are so many advantages of buying a home during the recession. Let us discuss both the advantages and disadvantages. 


  • Lower price

The value of the home will fall during the recession, so this is the time where the homeowners will reduce the price, offer a short sale to get out of the mortgage, and the bank will start selling the foreclosed properties. 

  • Lower rates

As the price of the home tends to decrease, and in the same way the mortgage rate will also tend to fall during the recession. This will allow people to get mortgages loan at very low-interest rates. Even the requirement required for the loan won’t be more.   


  • Foreclosures and short sales

You need to remember that the foreclosures and short sales are the results of poor economies. When it comes to foreclosure, the lender has the right to seize the home if there is no payment. In short sales, the homeowner will sell the house lesser than the price they owe. 

  • Title search

Before going for the foreclosures and short sales, a title search is a must as it will help you to verify that the home is having any issues. A proper title search will help you to ensure that there are no liens placed by the contractors or any other institutions or taxing authorities. 

Preparation of the recession:

Now that you know the answer to “How Will a Recession Affect The Housing Market?”, In the upcoming years, we don’t know whether we face a recession that is similar to 2008 or not, but here are some tips that will help you to overcome the recession without causing major damage.

  • If your debt has increased level and there is no room for further debts, then you need to access equity or refinance your assets
  • Keeping some extra money is considered a lifeline, as it will save you from the critical situation and keep your business in a good way
  • If you are staying at a rental home, then build a trustworthy and mutual relationship with the owner so that they will help you in hard times 

Future of the housing market:


There is an unknown fact that the U.S. market has faced a lot of recession in the past years. Most people know the answer that how much did housing prices drop in 2008, as that was the period where the housing price has almost clearly declined. 

But even though the housing market saw a major drop and it impacted the entire U.S. still there is one good thing which is, in recent times the home prices started to increase when compared to the previous year. Also, according to the National Association of Realtors, they have mentioned that the price of the existing house has increased at a rate of 7.4% and even the number of sales of the existing house also reached a high value. 

Bottom Line:

Recession will affect the entire economy, and the housing market is also one of the things. May this article will help you to get a clear idea of the recession affects the housing market but you need to be clear about one thing that the economic factors causing the recession now are different from the previous one. So, taking some potential measures will always help you. – Reza Abbaszadeh

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