How to Dress Well: 9 Must-Follow Rules for Men

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How to Dress Well: 9 Must-Follow Rules for Men

Your physical identity depends a lot on what you wear. Every people must have thought about how to dress well and men are no exception. Some people learn from others what is the ideal dress to wear in various events. Some get guidance from their home itself. Some men used to dress terribly either by not knowing what to wear or not at all concerned about the same. 

If you talk about how to dress well, then there are some must-follow rules for men. If they maintain those rules, then they will not only look smart but presentable also. Let’s check what are those: 

Start from Scratch

How to Dress Well: 9 Must-Follow Rules for Men #1: No need to discard whatever clothes you have in your wardrobe. But need to organize a bit and should be changed as per the situation. Suppose you have several graphics t-shirts. You can easily have some solid-coloured ones also. Erase whatever concepts you had previously and think in a new direction. Your earlier dresses will help you a lot on different occasions, but start building from the scratch. 

Learn the Basics

How to Dress Well- 9 Must-Follow Rules for Men - Lean the basics

How to Dress Well: 9 Must-Follow Rules for Men #2: Start learning the basic things of dressing. Gradually you will acquire a special sense of what combinations of colours and dresses are to wear. For example, as a formal dress, you can always have a light-coloured shirt tucked into a dark colour of trousers. A Blazer along with this can be the best. For casual interactions, denim can be your perfect partner. No need to add anything extra. In the beginning, just stick to the basics and you will learn gradually what to wear to various events. 

New Look Wardrobe

How to Dress Well: 9 Must-Follow Rules for Men #3: Start rebuilding your wardrobe. It must have versatile items to look vibrant in all situations. There should be basic items like shirts, trousers, denim in your wardrobe. Start a collection of solid colours like white, black, blue, etc. Make contrast in colour for your trousers. Once you have built your wardrobe, you can concentrate on adding eye-catching clothes to your collection. Those have special days to wear and celebrate. But your wardrobe must have all sorts of dresses, starting from formal to casual, from traditional to modern. Then only you will be fit for any occasion. 

Dressed to Fit

How to Dress Well: 9 Must-Follow Rules for Men #4: Whatever you wear, that must properly fit into your body. Else you will look odd. This is one of the most important rules of how to dress well. Check out your body proportion and wear dresses accordingly. If any readymade dress doesn’t fit you then you must use tailored fit ones. As per the shirt style is concerned, size is very important. You must check that your shirt sleeves should end at the wrist and the collar of the shirt must have a finger-width space. If you wear fitted clothes then not only your looks are changed but also you become more presentable. 

Develop Your Style

How to Dress Well- 9 Must-Follow Rules for Men - Develop your style

How to Dress Well: 9 Must-Follow Rules for Men #5: Forget what trend is going on in the market. It is not correct that every time you have to follow the current trend to be marked as stylish. All it depends on how you can carry yourself in a particular dress. Accordingly, it works. Start developing your style and who knows you might be the trendsetter in the coming days. 

Wear Vibrant as well as Solid Colors

How to Dress Well: 9 Must-Follow Rules for Men #6: For obvious reasons, the choice of colour is person-specific. You can’t force anyone to ear a particular colour that he doesn’t like. But there remain some occasions where colours do carry the statement. So, you must start practising wearing solid colours like blue, grey, black even white apart from textures and vibrant designs. You will carry a different look in those solid colours and your personality will also be enhanced. Go in those colours that you love to wear. 

Maintain the Dress Code

How to Dress Well: 9 Must-Follow Rules for Men #7: Maintaining the dress code in different aspects is the key to how to dress well. You must give respect to the event that you are going to attend. Based on that, your dress should be chosen. You might think that your style can go with the occasion of the event, but if there is a distinct rule of any dress, then you must wear those. For example, in various clubs, formal dress is mandatory and this practice is going on since before Independence.

As an individual, you can’t change the system, so you have to obey the rules and regulations of those clubs. On the other hand, if you plan to meet your friends at a beer pub, you should not wear a tie and blazer. It all depends on the place, situation, and importance of the program. Similarly, there is a wedding dress code if you are going to attend on such occasions. The attire in the church is also different from any other place. You can easily figure out these once you start visiting these places. And, in certain invitations also, dress codes are mentioned. You just need to follow that. That’s all. 

Ask for Feedback

How to Dress Well- 9 Must-Follow Rules for Men - Ask for feedback

How to Dress Well: 9 Must-Follow Rules for Men #8: If people come with a piece of advice regarding your dress, you must hear those patiently. You can decide as per your choice, but the other person might also be correct in certain aspects. So, if that criticism helps you in developing your personality, you must accept those without any second thought. 

Not only Clothes

How to Dress Well: 9 Must-Follow Rules for Men #9: Although this is how to dress well and it is evolved on what are the rules to be followed in case of men, but the dress is not the only option to look you groomed and sharp. Parallelly, you must give attention to your health, physique, hair, nails, and shaving. Together with all these, you can be a complete person. Then only with your dresses, you will look smart and sober. 

Bottom Line

This is all about the tips and tricks of men regarding how to dress well. There are ample options available in the market. But you need to first understand what is perfect for you and then only go for that. According to Reza Abbaszadeh: “A perfect dress will enhance your personality to a great extent. Dress like you are going after a million-dollar deal”  – BaxBeauty

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