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Hey everybody. It’s Reza Abbaszadeh, welcome back to my podcast magazine. Today, we’re going to talk about The Winner’s Exchange, a very important lecture. If you want to be the best closer, if you want to close anyone you want, you should know this. Once Someone is actually closed and agrees to have your product or service, at that moment, that person now is carrying something with them that they didn’t have previously.



What is Winner’s Exchange?

If what they have received is actually worth more than what was given to you, your product, I mean, your service, you, your idea, whatever you’re offering, doesn’t matter. If that is worth more than what they gave to you, then you will be able to repeat this process over and over and over again. So this is called Winner’s Exchange.

So let me just elaborate on it for you. If there’s any Winner’s Exchange that person you’ve closed not only feel like the exchange was a win for them but also they just go ahead and repeat this activity again and again because the perceived value received was greater than the value given.


How To Get Returning Customers?

Winner's Exchange - How to get returning Customer


For instance, I’ll give you an example to understand this better. Like, think about online companies like online sellers. Imagine an online shoe company. It shows a great example of Winner’s Exchange, they promise me free shipping both ways. Price has nothing to do with this exchange. The win for these companies is removing the risk that I have of loss from the decision-making process and I don’t have to leave my home especially in this Coronavirus situation.

Obviously, someone at these online companies surveyed enough people to determine the price was not the problem with purchasing shoes. The problem with purchasing shoes, particularly online was the fear of making a mistake about the size of shoes and then getting stuck with the cost of shipping. So if these companies promise me free shipping both ways, I will absolutely go ahead and actually order because I’m not afraid. If I make any mistake, I can simply return it free of charge.


Winner's Exchange - Dominating The Buyer - Reza Abbaszadeh


That’s is Winner’s Exchange. So let me give you another example. I have a book on it’s is $10 now. So you’ll give me $10 for the book and I give you the book. What is the exchange here? What is the book worth to you If you gave me $10? ok, most people say: “It was worth $10 because it is $10.”

But the truth is you wouldn’t close, if it was worth $10, you would only give me $10 if you thought that book was worth more than $10. And I would only give you the book if I thought your $10 was worth more than my book. Do you understand? You have to get to the Winner’s Exchange.

If I get your $10 and you don’t read the book, the truth is I didn’t really close you. Listen to me. I didn’t really close you. You got the book and I got your $10. But I didn’t really close you because I never really got Winner’s Exchange. I sold you because I got the money, but I didn’t close you.

Actually, this is a very serious mistake and a problem with most individuals and most businesses today. They sell ideas, they pomp people, they convince them to do things for them, but they don’t follow up to make sure that the Winner’s Exchange gets in. See if I don’t have any Winner’s Exchange, you’re not going to tell anybody about my book because the book won’t help you if you don’t read it. It is my responsibility as the seller to make sure you don’t just pay for it a book, but you get into Winner’s Exchange.

when I get more than I give, I’m going to tell everybody about it. I sell you my book, I get you to read it, it changes your production, it will help you to grow your business, you’ll tell anybody about this. So, winners exchange benefits you, and it benefits me. It’s a win-win.


Winner's Exchange - How To Get Customer


At the end of this segment, what I really want you to do is to actually look at whatever product, service your sell. Just understand how you can get to make sure someone just loves what you did. You got 50 grand from them. Okay. So you’ll have to deliver more than 50 grand. You have to figure out what is it. So it’s not money. So figure this out, what things you can do to add value to your proposition and to put you in The Winner’s Exchange. – Reza Abbaszadeh

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