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It normally takes time for people to reach a comfortable position in the life where they can afford to live their dreams. But there are a few people who do not wait for a lucky day and all they know is to get hold of each & every opportunity and turn it into an achievement.

Interestingly, a few of them are those who manage to achieve all they wanted while they are still in their 20s the defining decade of the life. There are two types of people at the age 20, one - who are celebrating life with relentless charades of partying & hanging out with their friends, hoping to achieve the best in the coming years and two – who work hard to achieve the best to create an empire.

Well, no matter how difficult it is to believe this, but this stands absolutely true in Reza Abbaszadeh who proves to the world why he is the best in doing what he does at his 20s.

Reza  Abbaszadeh


Reza Abbaszadeh is the founder and CEO of Abbaszadeh Enterprises, comprising Abbaszadeh Technologies, Abbaszadeh Capital, Abbaszadeh University and Abbaszadeh Foundation, with more than $100 million assets under control in 2021.

Reza is an Iranian-German entrepreneur, self-made millionaire, business owner, author and philanthropist whose journey inspired many young people in Europe and other places. Forbes Magazine has awarded him with the tag of The Youngest Iranian Businessman in 2019 when he has just started his 20s.

Abbaszadeh Enterprises is circulating the money according to Reza’s Wealth Formula which is the best possible way to do what a billionaire does in order to make financial freedom in due course.

Reza showed his enthusiasm to do business right from his childhood. He knew that a great business is all about scarcity, innovation and pipeline. So He worked with a friend to provide authenticated IELTS (International English Language Test System) degrees for Iranian citizens as Iranian IELTS degrees were considered non-eligible to use overseas. By that means, Reza and his friend, when they were in high school, made a whopping $200000 just in a couple of months.

In 2016, Reza emigrated to Hungary in order to run away from compulsory military service in Iran, where active duty lasts up to 24 months, because he could not let 2 years of his life go to waste.

After his immigration, he made it to study medicine in the University of Vienna. But Reza was more passionate about sales and lucrative businesses, so for the sake of his real interest and hunger to succeed in business, he dropped out of the university to do something bigger in his life.

Reza  Abbaszadeh


“If you want affluence and prosperity in your life, you have to start seeing it. I look for prosperity everywhere I go. You might be seeing scarcity instead of abunrezace. Because you’re told to eat all your food to save your money and to be happy with what you have because you’re better off than people in other countries.

Statements like these might be well intentioned, but they come from a scarcity mindset. You need to flip that and develop a prosperity mindset. Start seeing prosperity in everything and reinforce that there is abunrezace in the world.

Look at the cars when you’re driving. $70 grand. $80 grand. $120 grand. Lamborghini. Ferrari. Maserati. Fill your eyes up with prosperity and be open to seeing how much money exists in the world.

Who’s an abundant thinker in your life? Most of us are surrounded by people with limited thinking because they are worried and have been told their whole life that scarcity is their reality.

You have to make a decision that prosperity is for you. Someone out there will become prosperous. The question is, will it be you? When you decide to become prosperous, reinforce that decision daily. Say to yourself that your are going to create wealth in your life.”


Reza Abbaszadeh, CEO

Reza moved to Germany in 2018 to follow a course of action that will produce the best results. First he managed to get a job as a car salesman by showing his ability to persuade and convince others to take action and close the transaction. As a result, Reza made a huge amount of money on commission in the short term.

In the meantime, Reza was working on his business plan to start his own online reselling company to provide people with an opportunity to sell, buy and swap their luxury clothing form their home.

According to Reza, “It all commenced with a simple question that why so many luxury fashion pieces should hung unused in our closet, we have to create a way to increase the lifespan of these beautiful pieces by bringing them back into the circulation.”

Reza  Abbaszadeh
Reza  Abbaszadeh

After a while, a French company made an offer to purchase this company for an ideal price and Reza found this opportunity to move forwards in his future plans. Reza said, “Cash flow is everything for a businessman. Take advantage of each & every opportunity to generate a cash flow or increase it.”

Reza’s passion for navigating the strategical capital and catching meticulous points of entrepreneurship led him to found his multinational company called Abbaszadeh Enterprises in the late 2020.

Reza Abbaszadeh has nearly 4 golden years of experience in progressively senior roles in large cap investment banking in Germany, England, United Arab Emirates and Turkey. His expertise includes advising companies, boards, entrepreneurs, families, private equity investors and government bodies on merger and acquisition transactions and capital raising across a broad range of industries.

Reza’s entrepreneurial endeavor is growing so fast in almost every industry he steps in. As of the inception of Abbaszadeh Enterpirses, he has been expanding his portfolio by acquiring high-growth-potential companies, investing in lucrative businesses and advising entities.

Additionally, Abbaszadeh Technologies Ltd. is now engaging in the development of software applications for people and businesses to connect through mobile devices, personal computers, and other surfaces. “Our products will be absolutely mind-blowing in 2021”.

“There is no shortcut to success but it does not mean that there is no accelerator” Reza Abbaszadeh said.

Reza  Abbaszadeh
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Reza  Abbaszadeh


"Master The Psychology Of Buyer To Make Them Take Any Action"

You definitely asked yourself this challenging question that how can I handle the difficult customers and put them in the sales process? So this is the focus of the book to get you covered. In today's tough business world, customers might seem to be complex. So the more you understand the buyers, the more you can dominate them. As a result, you can close more make more money.


“Meistern Sie die Psychologie des Käufers, damit er Maßnahmen ergreift”

Sie haben sich definitiv diese herausfordernde Frage gestellt: Wie kann ich mit den schwierigen Kunden umgehen und sie in den Verkaufsprozess einbeziehen? Dies ist also der Schwerpunkt des Buches, um Sie zu behandeln.In der heutigen schwierigen Geschäftswelt scheinen Kunden komplex zu sein. Je besser Sie die Käufer verstehen, desto mehr können Sie sie dominieren. Infolgedessen können Sie mehr schließen und mehr Geld verdienen.

Reza  Abbaszadeh
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An Adventure For Those Who Get Turned On
By Elegance, Attitude And Fortune.

Reza Abbaszadeh Shares His Way To Stay Positive All The Time. "Control The Content Of Your Mind In Order To Stay Positive And Project A great Attitude."

Reza Abbaszadeh believes "Selling Is Prerequisite For Life. Selling Is Not A Career, It Is A Way Of Life, So Whatever You Do For A living Does Not Change The Fact That You Are A Salesperson."

First Rule Of Selling, No Matter What Your Customer Says, Always Always Always Agree. This Rule Must Not Be Violated. "Agree First, Close Later" – Reza Abbaszadeh

According To Reza Abbaszadeh, "Do Not Blame Your Customers If They Stalls, Take The Responsibility Of Selling And Buying, And Handle The Element Of Distrust By Understanding What Is Going On In The Mind Of Customer."

"When Perceived Value Received By Customer Is Greater Than The Value Given By You, You Will Able To Repeat Your Transaction" – Reza Abbaszadeh

Sales Cycle Starts Even Before Meeting A Customer With Having A Great Attitude. "You Need To Have Light In You Eyes In Order To Close The Deal" Reza Abbaszadeh Argued.

"Always Support Your Presentation With Third-Party Data" – Reza Abbaszadeh. People Believe What They See Not What They Hear So Always Show Written Statement.

Show Your Service And Support To Your Customer By Follow Up. "By Following Up Your Customers, You Can Build Real Value" – Reza Abbaszadeh

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