6 Creative Ways to develop a Great Attitude

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Hey everybody, Reza Abbaszadeh is here. Thank you so much for joining me today. I'm going to talk about a great attitude, a very important lecture. So let's start. What does it mean? So let's just read the definition. Attitude means your mental disposition, your feeling or your position to another, or a thing doesn't matter.

Which Attitude Is Essential For Selling?

Great Attitude - How To Develop A Great Attitude

So your attitude can be negative or it can be neutral. I have to be clear that both of them are pretty bad. It could be good, or it could be great. Look to sell, to win the negotiation, to corner the market, you have to use one attitude. The Great Attitude. You can not deal with bad or neutral even good. Your paycheck is dependent upon it, this is very important. without a great attitude, you have no chance. Your attitude is that X quality, so pay attention to this. It is so critical that we just include it as a single step that is taken before you even meet a customer before you pick up a call before you send out a letter before you get on the computer. Your attitude can literally be felt over an email before you hand them an appointment or take a call before you physically greet a customer. You have to work on yourself to have a great attitude. Very very important. If you don't pay attention to having a great attitude, you actually escaping steps and it's not that you don't notice the steps now because I absolutely know that you memorized them all. Look, this is a problem. You're going to tell yourself, I don't need to take this step because they're not going to buy anyway. This is a mistake. Okay. As I said in earlier segments, it goes back to being convinced and sold on what you're doing, taking all these steps and you cannot skip them because they are all crucial to the customer and you to the company to your success. People typically don't buy from people that they don't feel good around. Do you agree with that? Like if you want to sell and you have a bad attitude, so you're going to have a problem. Look, if they do buy and they do not feel good, they're gonna decide on what? Price. So if you want to ensure that you get the lowest price for your product, if you want to get danced every single time. go ahead and have a negative and neutral attitude. But if you want to have every chance to get the highest price for your product or your service have the best positive attitude possible. Have The Great Attitude.

How To Develop A Great Attitude?

Great Attitude - How To Develop A Great Attitude

Believe You Will Sell

This so-called best attitude. Is not just about being positive, I'm not talking about going in front of the mirror and telling yourself "I am positive, I am positive and I am positive." No, it does not work. I'm talking about knowing that you're going to sell, like in your gut. You're going to sell that customer and you have to believe this. You don't need to go and stand in front of a mirror.

Dress Professionally

You have to dress like a winner. You don't need to dress to be comfortable. You need to be professional. You're not going to be like in polo shirt or t-shirts because you are going to be comfortable. You need to dress like you're going after a million dollars going after a billion dollars. Dress professionally.

Treat Yourself Life A Winner

You carry herself like you are the winner. Very important. Cause you're going to have a great attitude, despite things going tough. You're going to carry yourself like you're at the top of your game.

Project Light beams out of your eyes

You need to have lights in your eyes and you know what I mean? You ever met somebody, male or female like literally, they have light beams coming out of their face. I literally try to project the light out of my eyes when I'm trying to communicate with people. Do you understand? Have lights in your eyes?


You need to have a smile on your face at all times. Like even they say: We are not buying today, we can't afford it, we are not doing it, we're going to wait till the economy returns. What do you think you're going to do? To me, my first response when that kind of things come up,  Yes. This is what I do first, SMILE and I'm going to say, "I understand you're not buying today. I understand the economy is bad. I understand you're on a budget. I understand you're not feeling good. I understand you are doing this: Always Smile and Agree."

Have Service In Your Heart.

Look, when I meet a client, I'm not thinking about I'm going to sell this client. I'm thinking about service in my heart. You know it doesn't matter that what I'm doing, what I'm selling, a book, a machine, a car doesn't matter. I want service in my heart. Now you're going to decide to have that when you have service in your heart, you will have a smile on your face automatically, you will stand different and you will have a great attitude.

Great Attitude - How To Develop A Great Attitude

look attitude determines how far you ultimately getting the life, not just in the job you are in. attitude will also determine how good you are living in your personal life whether or not you're even happy in your life. Hard work alone will not ensure that you get everything in your life. Because, the hard work, if you have had a negative or neutral attitude, would be the hard work, nothing more. You have to have a great attitude and keep it positive. – Reza Abbaszadeh  

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