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Hey, Reza Abbaszadeh is here, welcome back to my podcast magazine. We talked about what you’re going to say to project a great attitude and how to stay positive so now the biggest question, how do I stay positive? It’s quite challenging and a very great question.

Look, your attitude is determined by your thoughts. What is going on in here, your mind, right? And your thoughts are determined by the content of your mind and the content of your mind, whatever is in here in your mind, is determined by the environment around you. I think it’s fair enough. So the environment around you includes what? Newspaper, TV, Your friends or family. I mean, everything around you.

Where did you get your content from? Is it radio or friends? I think it’s actually everything that you’ll live with it. It’s so it’s really important to just remember that the content of my mind will affect my attitude. So do you really understand what I’m saying right now?


Where does your attitude come from? and How do you stay positive?

It’s really important, no different from your body. Your body is a reflection. Is it a reflection of what? what I put in, how I take care of it? Right. So it’s a sort of reflection. So my mind is the same thing. What is going on in here inside my mind is actually what is going on in here, like outside, it’s going to be projected out. So my mind is the same thing and whatever is going on here, is going to take place in my action or lack of action and you have to control it.

So the number one question I get, like every time, people ask me: “Hey, Reza, you are always a different level of positive, how do you do it? how do you stay positive?” The answer is so simple. I control what comes into my mind, so I can control the content of my mind. I have to tell you it’s no joke. It is the only way. Talking in a mirror doesn’t work for me. Maybe you go to a seminar or a kind of three-day workshop somewhere, but I haven’t seen any of that stuff work.

I control what goes in my mind so I can control the content so I can control my attitude and stay positive. It is that simple, there is nothing hard. Your mind actually got the content from somewhere. So when you’re speaking, your mind is actually working. What’s coming out from your mouth, had to come through your mind, do you agree with that?

So if you have anger, if you have an angry content, like. lethargic content. What you’re going to project. Of course, you’re going to project angry. If you have an apathetic, quit, give up, no-solution contents in your mind. You’re going to probably have what? an apathetic attitude, quit attitude, lazy attitude, lethargic attitude. You got no juice attitude. Do you understand?

But on the contrary, if you have positive, solution-oriented can-do content in your mind. what are you going to communicate? Can do that, no problem, I got it. I would be happy to do that. So which one you would like to have in your life? Do you want to stay positive or not?

So now let’s find out what content you have in your mind right now. You’re going to need a pen for this. Let’s find out what content is on your mind right now and please not include what I’m talking about now. Just, focus on this. What is the content you received since you woke up this morning?

Quickly, write down your information, stop the podcast and quickly write information down you’ve received today since waking up. Okay, so you did the drill. Tell me what content have you got since you woke up this morning? Look, do not blame yourself. No wonder you are negative because it is rigged.

All you’re going to do is turn the radio on or just open a newspaper and nonstop 24 hours a day, negative content. It doesn’t matter, whatever you’re listening to. The right or the left. It’s all negative content. So now the first thing I want you to do is to find a way to control the content.  So the way I do it, I actually control my content by:

Reading Positive Books To Stay Positive

Stay Positive - Reza Abbaszadeh


By positive books, but positive information. I kept positive books all over my house. Like easy to grab, in the restroom, you know why… and next to my bed, in my office, anywhere I can grab data. Yes, it is really, really important when you’ll import new data to your mind. Do you know when you read something that you don’t know, you actually generate curiosity and when a person becomes curious they are more interested in learning more? So with this explanation, if I actually taught you more, you would be interested in learning more and the less you learn, the less interested you are in learning.

So in the end, who do you think is more excited? The guy who is learning or not learning very important? S0

Writing Your Goals

Stay Positive - Reza Abbaszadeh


I want you to write your goals down every day to stay positive. I do this every morning. I write my goals down and you have to do this. Like morning and before you go to sleep at night, it is absolutely effective. so from now on, you have to write your goals 2 times a day, morning and before you go to bed, to stay positive.

Using DVRs To Record Programs

Stay Positive - Reza Abbaszadeh


Do not watch TV to stay positive, but if you do, if you do watch TV, so use recorded programs like use DVRs to record programs and actually you can literally blow through all the negative stuff.

I don’t want to listen to someone screaming at people or tell them that you have to get rid of someone. it’s, it’s not my business. I’m not Dr Phil. You know what I’m talking about. He is the last guy I want to listen to. So I want to be positive. D0 you? Do you want to stay positive? So, yes, that’s it. I just want to see winners. I just want to watch athletes winning. I don’t want someone telling me what I can’t do. I want to see the impossibles like I want to see new technologies, positive stuff.

I want to read creative information. I’m going to be on creative programs. I want to listen to positive music. Yes, yesterday, I was working out and I listened to very good music and it was excellent. So your life and your career depend on your attitude. You need to control the contents to stay positive. – Reza Abbaszadeh

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