3 Reasons Why Selling is Important

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Hey everybody. It’s Reza Abbaszadeh thank you so much for joining me today. I’m excited to talk about the fundamentals of sales. Selling is important because it is the prerequisite for all the success you’re going to create in your life. No matter what you do, regardless of your career, Selling is for you. Would you agree with that?

Fundamentals of Sales

Selling impacts every person on this planet. Your ability or inability to sell, persuade, negotiate, and convince others affects every single area of your life. It will determine how well you survive. So it is very important to learn the fundamentals of Sales. No matter your title or your position or no matter where you are in life, no matter what role you play in your company or at work or on the team, whether you are a CEO or a janitor, you will at some point have to convince or persuade others to do things for you. so what do you think? Selling is Important?

Okay. Let me tell you in this way, you’ll believe in something. Can you sell that belief, that idea, that concept, your dreams to someone else? See your ability to do so impacts you in every way. It’s will determine the very outcome of your future. Selling is important and it is used by every person every day on this planet and no one is excluded.

You have to understand that selling is not a job. It’s not a career. But you have to know selling is a way of life. So your ability to do well in life, to survive, to prosper, to create your financial freedom depends solely on this ability to sell others. To sell others on those things you believe. I’m not talking about just selling products or services here. I’m talking about selling yourself and others on those things you want to go and do in life.

Why selling is important?

3 Reasons Why Selling is Important

Look in life you need to know how to negotiate. You’re going to buy a house, you’re going to sell a house, you’re going to get a job, you’re going to commit to a bonus program, you’re going to get a salary one day. So you have to know how to negotiate. You have to know how to get another person’s agreement. You have to understand how to persuade someone at some point at someplace in your life. So to answer this question”why Is Selling Important?” you should know the definition of selling first.

What is selling?

3 Reasons Why Selling is Important

You should remember that the ability to get others to like you is what? It’s selling! The ability to get others to work for you, to support you, to accept you is selling! The ability to get others to want to please you, to make you feel good, feel better, to do things for you is selling. So selling is unavoidable and it determines how well you survive.

So when people tell me, “Reza I don’t want to be a salesperson.” I get really disappointed because selling is a way of life. It’s not a job.

Let’s see the Merriam dictionary. Merriam dictionary says “Selling is the action of persuading or influencing another to some course of action or to the acceptance of something.” Okay. Let me read it again. Selling is an action of persuading. Have you ever done that before?

Exactly. You were trying to convince your school teacher to give you a better grade. That was selling you were selling, right? You try to convince your kids to get to school on time so they can get a better grade. That’s selling! The action of persuading or influencing someone else to a course of action. That was a course of action. So I’m trying to convince you to vote on someone. It’s absolutely selling! Who does this not impact? Selling is Important and it is necessary for you to succeed!

Why selling is the prerequisite for life?

3 Reasons Why Selling is Important

Selling is Important and it is a prerequisite for everything in life, Because when I say “Selling”, I’m talking about anything like anything that has to do with convincing, persuading, negotiating, debating, getting your way, arguing, getting along with someone else, like actually resolving an argument, exchanging goods and services. All are selling.

Let me show you why selling is important in life. I convince my girlfriend to go out with me when she didn’t want to. So that is selling! I’m buying a home on selling a home. That’s all about selling. You might say “Raza I’m buying a home, so I’m not selling! but I have to tell you that you have to sell somebody on the price you’re gonna pay. So you actually sell! Selling your idea at selling. You have to sell the bank on giving you a loan. Closing the bank to give you a loan is actually selling! It’s not just getting a loan it is about selling them on your requests so Selling is Important.

Starting your own business is absolutely a hundred percent selling. You’re going to need to sell the bank on some financing, some founding and you have to get a lease for the property. It’s all about convincing, persuading, others to support your idea. Getting customers to buy a product. So that’s all about selling. Selling is Important because it is everywhere and you cannot deny it.

Why does a business fail?

3 Reasons Why Selling is Important

It is said that the number one reason a business or an individual fails is that they are undercapitalized. I don’t believe this to be true honestly. The number one reason, I believe that a business fails is because their ideas, companies ideas, were not sold quickly enough, in quantities great enough and at prices high enough. So the company ran out of money.

So when Harvard University says the number one reason that a business fails is that they are undercapitalized. I’m saying “NO”. The number one reason, the first and foremost reason that a business, an individual or a management team or a CEO or a household fails, is the inability to sell their products in quantities great enough at prices high enough. It’s the inability to move their products, ideas, services to the marketplace. 

Look, Selling is Important, that guy who created Velcro. We all know what Velcro is. He sold the world on something that it was not asking for. He came up with this brilliant idea presented to the world and the world made him rich. Why? Because he sold the idea, he knew that selling is important and he should master it.

Many of you have ideas every day! The ability to sell those ideas will determine your survival. No business owner can build a business without understanding the fundamentals of sales. Think of any action in life, I assure you that there is someone at some point at somewhere selling something.

learn everything about the fundamentals of sales. Learn why selling is important. Your life, your dreams and your future depend on one thing, the ability to sell selling is essential to the survival and wellbeing of every living individual on this planet and it involves you – Reza Abbaszadeh

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