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Hey, Reza Abbaszadeh is here and welcome back to my podcast magazine. Today, we’re going to talk about the outbound follow up calls. It has to be mastered if you really want to be a true professional and get paid the big dough.

Business owners, nurture your leads. It’s really important because you’re spending a lot of money on landing pages on ads, websites, hits, links, leads, funnels, and all those human beings. But you have to know that not everybody makes a decision the second they look at it.

It might take a year for someone to buy a watch, or it might take three years for someone to buy a car. The important thing is that you have to follow up with these people. Because actually 80% of sales are made between the 5th and 12th call. So your biggest opportunity in selling is not in the first or second or third, but in the fifths to twelfth follow-up call and more interestingly, do you know that 48% of salespeople never even make one follow-up call not even one. So here, we are going ahead and I explain 3 things that you must have to successfully master following up with customers.


Follow Up - Reza Abbaszadeh



You have to commit. Commitment is persistence. So if your persistence is very low, it causes you to not commit. The higher the level of commitment is, the higher the level of persistence is. So, of course, you will call the guy the second time, third time, fourth time, fifth time and six-time, because you are persistent. You follow up.

Now, let me tell you something about myself. It’s a kind of confession, but it’s true. I have a list of clients that I haven’t sold them yet. There are six people that I have been calling for three years, but still, I couldn’t close them. Can you imagine?

today I was in a business meeting with my executives. I sat with Jones, he is one of my executives, and I asked him: “bring up, bring up the list. We need these six guys to come on. What are the plans for today?” Yes, persistence is really important. Commitment is indicated through persistence. So lower persistence means lower commitment.


If you have real value, if you want to create real value with your clients, you have to follow up. You have to show them that I’m a valuable guy. You have to show them I’m going to help you, I’m going to be there for you, I’m going to be there to serve you, I’m going to take care of you, I’m going to follow you. So number one, persistence and number two value.

It’s a value exchange. It is really important, even they have not bought it from you. It’s a value exchange because you keep following those people and keep developing that relationship. You should never give up on that. Never, ever, ever. You Follow Up.


It is absolutely required and does not forget this fact that commitment and creativity are closely connected. You really need persistence because you have to stick it out. You have to stick through your calls and have to make the first, second, third until the twelfth call. Do you understand me? You have to stick to this plan with persistence. Because without persistence, you will quit after the first call.

You should actually see it in this way that you’re going to exchange value in the follow-up call. You should show perceived value, you should keep giving people new content and new information. You have to tell yourself you need to build value by adding value to the process. How much value would you see in this standard follow up call? Let’s face it.

Hey, John I’m Raza. We spoke the other day. I just want to follow up. Uh, I want to update my list. See if you have given any more thoughts, uh, you guys made any decision yet?

See that was a standard follow-up call. How effective is that? Absolutely negligible like 0%. We’re going to have an entire course on mastering follow-up calls. Very important. I’m telling you guys it is very important to have to master follow-up calls.

What is the key here? The key is bringing something valuable to every contact, like having a reason to call. So let’s face it.

Hey, John, I saw this article and I thought of you and I wanted to get it to you. So here’s the link.

See, I had a reason to call.

Hey John, I have an event coming up this weekend by the way I wanted you to join us.”

See how many of those different kinds of calls you can actually make.

“Hey, John, I’m going to be in your neighbourhood tonight. I would like to stop by.”

Or even you can go there and stop by without calling them the creative. Be creative and persistent because, without creativity, you’re not going to add value.


Follow Up - Reza Abbaszadeh


Just think about your competition. Think about what they do, maybe you can shop for your competition. When do they call you back? Do they ever call you back? It’s interesting, some companies don’t even collect information. In fact, 64% of companies. Don’t even nurture their leads. But You follow up.


Follow Up - Reza Abbaszadeh


Can you imagine, so you might ask why I’m telling you all this because if your competition doesn’t do it, you do it and you’ll stand out. If your competition quits after a single call and you don’t, guess what, the first one to follow up wins half the battles. Guess who wins the other half? The last one to follow up. – Reza Abbaszadeh

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