12 devastating Things No One Tells You About Remote Work

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Thinking to join the remote working bandwagon? You must know what they Say about remote work behind closed doors.

People fantasize about working from home if they are stranded on the road while going to work. Remote working is gaining momentum in the current economic and labour market situation. While remote working was also there before the pandemic, it has turned to be the call of the day. Doing remote work has tons of benefits. But there are some challenges, and people are not vocal about them. Here are 12 things that you should know about working from home before taking the plunge.

12 Remote work challenges

Makes one lonely - 12 devastating Things No One Tells You About Remote Work

1. A Left-out feeling at times

When working from home, you are out of the office. It gives a feeling like you are missing the occasional lunch club, the team night out, having a couple of drinks after work, office banters, etc.  Of course, it is not a big issue, but people feel like being out of the loop sometimes.

2. Makes one lonely

Humans cannot live without social interaction. It is why an introvert also may feel lonely, at times, while doing remote work. While solitude is beneficial for focusing on the job and productivity, prolonged isolation could be a cause of depression.  One should, therefore, spend some time every day on video calls with others in the team. It will remove loneliness. If you love to be around people, a coffee shop could be an excellent workspace for a break.

3. Inadequate tools

Inadequate tools - remote work

While employers need to solve problems for the workers, oftentimes, the need for the right hardware and software is not met. Consequently, many remote workers could not access applications and company resources. One has to raise a voice if a technical problem arises. But most of the time, they are left to work with inadequate tools.

4. Making remote working a habit could be hard

Working from home can give you a lot of shocks. In case the time zone is different, it may take hours to get the answer to your queries. So, you have to solve problems yourself and resolve all urgent issues alone. It becomes predominant for the remote workers who are a member of a team that is not effectively distributed. They face a lot of communication issues as well.

5. People do not believe that you are working

Well, you may say it does not matter what others think. But being humans, we are susceptible to the judging eyes of family members and friends. They think you are enjoying your time on your laptop. It mostly happens with extended families and friends paying a visit from out of the town. The feeling starts wearing on you after some time. You can solve this problem by designating a nook in your home as your office.

6. Have to handle the majority of household chores

Doing remote work means you are at home. Naturally, most of the household chores fall on you. It is never purposefully done. But being physically present at home becomes an obligation. While it starts with small things, you become the only person for everything within a short time. You are there for receiving packages, babysitting, attending the plumber, washing dishes, etc. So, one must set a boundary for a workday.

7. You may not be out of the house for days

While working from home you may work extra time beyond eight hours. It may keep you stuck at home. And, you may not go for a daily walk with your pet. So, one needs to fix a work schedule. Break your working hours into parts based on the policy of your company, it will let you take care of the personal tasks during the interval. 

8. There will be interruptions

challenges - remote work

Working from home relieves you of pesky coworkers. But you are likely to have interruptions from the kids and pets. Both kids and pets fail to understand why you are not available for play. Some organizations never mind if a kid or pet walks in while you are on a video call. They understand the reality and focus on output rather than maintaining the company façade. But you must train your kid and pet not to disturb you when you are doing remote work.

9. Internet outage

Nothing is more frightening to a remote worker than an internet outage. It fails when one needs it most. Moreover, getting a fast and stable internet connection is also difficult. Sometimes, video conferencing and virtual meetings become frustrating even with a decent internet connection. So, one must have a backup plan. It could be anything from a tablet or Smartphone.

10. Productivity is an everyday battle

Productivity, in Remote Work, is a daily battle. It is always tempting to go online shopping or checking social media accounts as there is no one around. Once you start doing that, it is hard to stop. And you have to burn the midnight oil for meeting the target.

11. No difference between sick days and workdays

Sick days and workdays are almost alike when you work from home. If you work in an office, you can take off when you feel sick. But it never happens with remote work. As you are already lying on the couch, why not reply to some important emails or have a glance at the weekly report. 

12. Too much workload

Some think that employees will be slack without direct supervision. But, the reality is just the opposite. It is because working from home tends to blur the fine line between work hours and leisure hours. But there is always something that needs immediate resolution and remote workers have to pull the laptop back to attend to that. 

Final Thoughts

12 devastating Things No One Tells You About Remote Work

Despite the above bumps, remote work is a rewarding option. Maybe you miss the office buzz. But working from home lets one enjoy flexible working hours and lunch in the kitchen. It also increases productivity, gives autonomy, and more family time. If you can organize yourself, you can leverage the benefits to the fullest extent. However, there are other options for you if you like to work from home that you can take advantage of. Remember if you need help do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation. – Reza Abbaszadeh

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