11 Surprising Reasons Why Travelling Can Help Depression

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There are many reasons why travelling can help depression that we call them travelling health benefits, even when one feels depressed, the change of place infuses new vigour.

Travelling can teach you more than a hundred books. Taking a few days off from the daily monotony and visiting a new place and new culture helps to improve your physical and mental health. The mounting pressure of demanding work situations is damaging our mental health. More than 264 million people of all ages suffer from depression globally, and the situation is alarming in the United States.  According to the American Psychiatric Association, 1 in 15 adults has depression in any year. And 1 in 6 people will have depression sometime in their life. So, let’s check how travelling health benefits can help in mental health issues and why travelling can help depression.

Individuals with mental health issues isolate themselves from society. They live in a world of negative thoughts and hopelessness. Travelling can play a transformative role in mental illnesses. People with depression and anxiety can benefit from travelling because it increases their happiness levels. A survey of 485 U.S. adults, done in 2013, indicated that travelling enhanced attention, empathy, energy, and focus.

Travel and mental health issues

Travel and mental health issues - Can traveling can help depression?

Because of the several travelling health benefits that illustrate why travelling can help depression, it is vital to incorporate travel into the lifestyle. Mental issues have no easy cure, and it takes time to come out of the condition. In such situations, one can incorporate travel into the lifestyle as an additional way to help resolve mental health issues.

The recreation and relaxation of travelling leave a positive, long-lasting effect on one’s psyche. It boosts up mental health which is a prime condition for resolving all mental issues. Moreover, travelling broadens thought and builds up resilience making it great for those who are struggling with such issues.

Why Travelling Can Help Depression

Traveling health benefits - Can traveling can help depression?

Nothing is sweeter than a vacation for taking a break from the daily grind. Whether one suffers from any mental issues or not, travelling to a new destination delivers a beneficial change of perspective.  Here are 11 mental health benefits of travelling that show travelling can help depression dramatically.

1. Change of landscape

A simple change in the surroundings is all that one needs to kindle the lust for life. Staying in one place tends to make one feel trapped both physically and mentally. Travelling can be a perfect way to stimulate the mind and boost up the level of happiness. Travelling gives one a feeling dong something, and it helps to restore oneself.

2. Calming effect

Relieving stress is one of the best travelling health benefits (Reasons Why Travelling Can Help Depression).  When one continuously suffers from the daily grind, they lose interest in everything. Visiting a new place acts as a great stress buster. When you see a new place, mingle with a new culture, you get absorbed into that, and it soothes your mind and helps you relax. 

3. Promotes independence

Travelling induces a sense of independence in one’s mind. Despite some daunting experiences, it helps one to build confidence. It helps one to overcome the mental bar and they can tackle many problems after returning home. 

4. Teaches resilience

Travelling is full of challenges, and it makes one understand that these things do happen. Moreover, when you are in difficult situations in new places, and among unknown people, you learn to adapt to those. It gives you the strength to sustain yourself out of your comfort zone. You become more flexible, patient, and emotionally strong to tackle many other mental issues in life.

5. Makes you happy and satisfied

Boosting happiness and satisfaction are also travelling health benefits (Reasons Why Travelling Can Help Depression). People suffering from depression are seldom happy with themselves. But travelling to a new country and experiencing the juice of new cultures can make them feel happy and satisfied. It opens up the mind and goes a long way in resolving mental health problems.

6. Gives a sense of achievement

The best way to get over a fear is to embrace that rather than shying away from it. Only by challenging the fear, you can overcome it. When you travel, you have the sense of doing something yourself. It helps to build the inner-strength and further enhances self-esteem. As a result, you can resolve many mental issues.

7. Makes one more physically active

Travelling increases physical activity. You walk more and do many things while travelling. Thus, you stay fit and healthy and you do not have time for any negative thoughts. It automatically improves your mood and helps to resolve mental issues.

8. Shakes up your status quo

Maybe you are travelling abroad or to the next state. It helps you to get travelling health benefits (Reasons Why Travelling Can Help Depression) like breaking the negative cycles. Getting out of the daily rut is vital for everyone, especially if you are suffering from depression. Travelling can help you to look at the real world outside your bubble, ultimately clearing mental issues.

9. Enhances creativity

New experiences in different cultures improve the plasticity of the brain helping it to change through and recognition. Being in different cultures also increases your cognitive flexibility. Thus one can think more clearly and be more creative. It helps to resolve many mental issues.

10. Improve social connections

One of the most important travelling health benefits (Reasons Why Travelling Can Help Depression) is building social connections. It is vital for improving mental health. By travelling you deepen the connection with old ones and also make new friends. And when you have a strong social bond, it buffers against stress and other mental issues.

11. Lowers the risk of depression

While people tend to do avoid discussions on depression openly, it is very much there. Researches indicate that travelling lowers the risk of depression. A study was conducted by the Marshfield Clinic in Wisconsin on women. It observed that women taking vacations at least twice a year are less prone to depression than the women who take vacations less than once every two years. 


Caveat - traveling can help depression?

Mood improvement is one of the many travelling health benefits that imply the reason why travelling can help depression.  Travelling helps one to forget sadness and depression. So, people can come out of the condition. But people with major depressive disorder needs need behavioural activation. They must seek professional advice along with travelling.

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