10 Extremely Negative Lifestyle Choices - Lifestyle Affects Health

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How Lifestyle Affects Health?

Some people think the only important thing in this world is MAKING MONEY. And I agree with that! Nothing is wrong with that idea honestly but the problem is we need a healthy body to keep producing product and services and a healthy mind to keep manufacturing brilliant ideas! Would you agree with that? So if you agree, You should know lifestyle affects health.

Do you know that your lifestyle is important to your mental and physical status and it can become a huge hindrance to your health? Yes, your lifestyle plays a significant role in your health, fitness, and wellness. Presently the urban lifestyle wherein nobody has enough time to educate themselves about a healthy lifestyle we can clearly see people do more harm than good to themselves with their lifestyle choices. Let us see how lifestyle affects health by looking into 10 Extremely Negative lifestyle choices.

Making unhealthy food choices

Making unhealthy food choices -10 Extremely Negative lifestyle choices

If I ask you – what is your favourite food? I am pretty sure you are going to name some unhealthy food (as given in the picture above). But this takes on your health and results in more problems. Do you remember? lifestyle affects health!

Say for example continuing with unhealthy eating choices can lead to obesity among people of all ages. At times it can lead to other medical conditions such as:

  • Diabetes 
  • Stomach Ache
  • Heart Diseases etc

Making the correct choices for your food items can help you bring a great change in your overall lifestyle. 

Not Exercising Regularly

Exercise and Health go hand in hand. Yes, exercise is a must thing for a great lifestyle. Regular workouts with a healthy diet can bring back your health.  If you choose to sleep or waste your time instead of exercising, then we should emphasise more on the fact that lifestyle affects health significantly.

Join a gym or online fitness classes or hire a personal trainer to guide you on how to start with workout sessions. Or you can simply begin with jogging or morning walks at your convenience. 

Stressful life

Stress - 10 Extremely Negative lifestyle choices

Mental health is as important as physical health and it needs more attention. Stress is a condition that often occurs to overcome emotional or mental pressure. I will just give you a small example. You are overloaded with work pressure at the office and being unable to handle feel stressed. There are several other reasons with which you can feel stressed. Stress is one of the major factors affecting your mental health.

According to Reza Abbaszadeh: “The system is rigged! Do not fall into the negativity of media and news. Healthy lifestyle is one of the most important criterium that a successful business personality could potentially have so understand your habits and correct them accordingly. As you already knew lifestyle affects health, so Stay positive.”

Being able to manage stress in the right way is simply great for a fit lifestyle. If I take the above example then managing your work schedule can help you effectively manage the deadline and relieve you off from stress. 

Not Getting Enough Sleep & Rest

Sleep is also a major issue that people of all ages have been facing in recent times. Here are some facts stated:

  • Students face a tough time getting into bed or wake up early resulting in absenteeism from the class.
  • Employees sometimes face difficulty coming home quickly post-work resulting in excessive stress and insufficient sleep. 
  • Old people often spend sleepless nights due to various causes.

Other problems such as insomnia and anxiety make it more acute for people as such a lifestyle affects health abruptly and brings in discomfort. In such a scenario you can seek the bits of help of mental health experts who can guide you towards a healthy and better lifestyle. Meditation has proved effective here. 

Medicine Abuses 

This is a common thing seen in many countries and regarded as unhealthy. Some unhealthy medicine abuses noticed are:

  • Self-Treatment
  • Sharing Medicines
  • Taking Medicines With NO Prescription
  • Prescribing Many Drugs
  • Unnecessary Drugs
  • Disregarding Dangers of Harmful Drugs etc

As a normal person uses different kinds of medicine in their life it is a whether you like it or not, it is a part of your lifestyle. Since you know that lifestyle affects health, you can avoid bad medical habits. Using unrelated medicines with unspecified doses can be affecting your health severely. Learning about the medicines before consumption can reduce such risks and can bring a great transformation in your lifestyle and overall health afterwards. 

Substance Abuses 

Addiction to different drugs is regarded as unhealthy. This lifestyle affects health bringing in other challenges and problems. 

Different addictions such as Smoking, Alcoholic Substances, or other drugs can lead to medical problems like

  • Asthma
  • Cancer
  • Brain Injury &
  • Cardiovascular Diseases etc

It has been observed that people getting addicted to different substances lead a bad life. This makes them and their family members suffer a lot. Avoiding the consumption of these substances can make a difference. 

A Full Stop To Children’s Physical Growth 

Childhood memories never go out of your mind. I do remember playing different kinds of outdoor games with my childhood friends in our locality. It also helped us grow both physically and mentally. 

However, looking at the present generation, they prefer staying indoors due to different digital entertainment options. My daughter is just 4 years old and she knows how to play games through the apps. 

This blocks their mental and physical growth as a whole. Going outdoors and mixing with friends can bring a great change in their overall health. Remember lifestyle affects health. 

Maintaining A Bad Routine

We all have learned a very important word during schooldays. Yes, you are right…..the word is Discipline

Since childhood days our teachers have made us learn the importance of being in proper routine to lead a healthy lifestyle. But do we still maintain the routine in the present times? I guess NO which leads to a poor lifestyle affects health. 

If we make a proper routine of our everyday life from morning till night, it will help us maintain a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, you can feel relieved from your medical issues (if any).

Sexual Behavioral Issues

Bad Sexual behaviour - 10 Extremely Negative lifestyle choices

Having sex is just the important thing for a healthy life. Not having a normal sex life becomes a huge problem in many people’s lives and has a bad impact on your overall physical and mental health. 

It is said that dysfunctional sexual behaviour can lead to different family-related problems or sex-related diseases as AIDS.

If you or your spouse is having sexual-related issues you can seek medical attention immediately as is curable. This will help to create not only a strong bond between you two but also you can lead a happy and healthy lifestyle. 

Neglecting Recreations 

Leisure is a necessity for all irrespective of you are an owner of a company or an employee. Neglecting your recreation may result in you being a less productive and less enthusiastic person. Your lifestyle affects health and it is inevitable.

Plan and take breaks from your regular work for a vacation. You will much better be spending some quality time with your friends and family members. Never forget the importance of travelling.

So remember, a Poor lifestyle affects health undoubtedly. By bringing such small transformations in life you can see an improvement in your health. – Reza Abbaszadeh

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